AgPR Gets Involved in the „Best Practice“ Campaign

The „Best Practice for the Environment“ campaign, which was launched this summer, has welcomed a new member to its group of initiators. Alongside AGPU and Rewindo, the German Association for the Recycling of PVC Floor Coverings (AgPR) is now one of the organisers behind the campaign. The aim of the „Best Practice“ campaign is to identify exemplary building projects in the German federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia that involve the recycling and re-use of used PVC construction products such as windows or floor coverings. The initiative is aimed at housing, window construction and demolition companies, as well as constructors of public buildings, and will run until autumn 2017. The „Best Practice“ projects will then be compiled in a project documentation.

„Alongside scrap windows, tarpaulins and pipes made of PVC, vinyl flooring also plays an important role in the material recycling of construction products“, explains the AgPR Managing Director, Dr Jochen Zimmermann. The AgPR runs a central recycling facility for used PVC flooring in Troisdorf. In 2015 alone, the facility recycled over 2500 tons of waste material, a large amount of which was then re-used.