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VinylPlus Deutschland Board Confirmed Until 2024

Beginning of July, the general assembly of VinylPlus Deutschland e.V. took place as a virtual event. One of the items on the agenda was the regular election of the board. The board had previously stood for re-election until 2024 – and was unanimously re-elected by the member companies. The old and new Board of Management […]

VinylPlus 2030: New Commitment Launched

VinylPlus 2030, the European PVC industry’s next commitment to sustainable development for the next ten years, was launched Mid-June at the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (VSF). It builds on more than 20 years of progress and achievements in the European PVC value chain. With the renewed commitment, VinylPlus® aims to proactively contribute to addressing global sustainability […]

More than 15 million Window Units sold in 2020

In Germany, 15.298 million window units were sold last year (1 window unit (WU) corresponds to a window measuring 1.3 x 1.3 meters or 1.69 m2), according to a recent Heinze study (commissioned by the VFF, among others). This corresponds to a growth of 3.5 percent compared to the previous year. The renovation sector contributed […]

VinylPlus Advertorial in „Kommunalwelt“ Magazine

In June, the virtual municipal congress of the Kommunalpoltische Vereinigung der CDU und CSU Deutschland (KPV) took place in Berlin. Thomas Hülsmann, Managing Director of VinylPlus Deutschland, was a panel speaker at the online event and presented the role of the European PVC industry voluntary commitment and sustainable PVC building products in achieving the climate […]

VinylPlus Deutschland ist gut gerüstet für die neuen Herausforderungen

Mitte Juni ging VinylPlus 2030, die neue freiwillige Selbstverpflichtung der europäischen PVC-Industrie für die nächsten zehn Jahre, an den Start. Dr. Zdenek Hruska, Public Affairs Director bei VinylPlus®, nutzte die Gelegenheit und stellte im Rahmen der virtuellen Mitgliederversammlung des VinylPlus Deutschland e.V. am 01. Juli 2021 die wichtigsten Punkte des neuen Programms vor. Das neue […]

VinylPlus® stellt neue 10-Jahres-Verpflichtung der europäischen PVC-Branche zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung vor

Beim VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum 2021 #TOWARDS2030 (VSF2021) am 17. Juni wurde „VinylPlus 2030“ vorgestellt. Die neue Verpflichtung der europäischen PVC-Branche zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung für die nächsten zehn Jahren wurde in einem Bottom-Up-Ansatz von der gesamten PVC-Wertschöpfungskette zusammen mit ihren Stakeholdern entwickelt. Sie baut auf 20 Jahren Erfahrung als Vorreiterin in der Kreislaufwirtschaft auf. Das VSF2021, […]

Follow VinylPlus Deutschland on Social Media

With the official renaming to VinylPlus Deutschland, the German PVC experts are now also represented on the business platform LinkedIn as well as on Twitter. Soon there will also be a profile on XING, the German speaking business network. Many member companies and their employees are already active in those social media channels. There you […]

Plastics Recycling: PolyREC launched

VinylPlus®, Petcore Europe, PlasticsEurope and Plastics Recyclers Europe have mutually agreed to join forces to form the organisation PolyREC to monitor, verify, and report their plastics recycling and uptake data in Europe. This will be achieved by using a common data collection system – RecoTraceTM. PolyREC will ensure traceability, transparency, and trust in recycled materials along the […]

New VinylPlus® Progress Report 2021 published

At the completion of its second 10-year Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development, the European PVC industry takes stock of its achievements and looks ahead to 2030. Among the main results, which are summarised in the VinylPlus Progress Report 2021 published Monday 17th May, the continuous development of collection and recycling schemes for PVC waste across Europe, […]