PVC Window Sales in Germany increase

In 2016, window sales in Germany increased by 3.3 percent to a total of around 13.8 million window units. This is the result of a continuously updated study conducted by the market research institute Heinze, which was produced in cooperation with the four German industry associations VFF, Pro-K, FV S+B and BF and was recently presented. According to the study, growth was recorded in the case of all frame materials last year.

Sales of plastic windows reached a total of 8.0 million window units, which represents a market share of 57.7 percent. Wooden windows achieved a market share of 15.1 percent thanks to total sales of 2.1 million window units, while wood and metal constructions achieved 1.2 million window units and therefore 9.0 percent of the overall market. Sales of metal windows increased to 2.5 million window units, which represents a market share of 18.2 percent. Around 65.8 percent of the window units sold were used in residential buildings, while 34.2 percent were installed in non-residential buildings. In the current year 2017, the industry associations expect to see yet another increase in sales volume of 3.9 percent, resulting in a total of 14.4 million window units.