Corona Crisis: Vinyl products in the healthcare sector

The AGPU published a detailed report on the benefits of vinyl products in the healthcare sector on its website. They have been used successfully for over 60 years and are indispensable. This is also evident in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic and is demonstrated by the wide range of medical applications, such as pharmaceutical blister packs for medicines, infusion tubes, blood bags, respiratory masks, single-use protective gloves or components of medical devices.

The range of high-performance PVC products in the healthcare sector is wide and is constantly being expanded with new applications. About 40 percent of all medical plastic products in European hospitals are made of PVC. They improve the chances of recovery, extend life expectancy and enable the best standards of hygiene. PVC owes its widespread use in the healthcare sector not only to its individually adaptable material properties, but also to its attractive designs and low purchase and maintenance costs in times of tight budgets.