VinylPlus: New Progress Report 2017

Three weeks ago, the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum was held in Berlin. One of the highlights of the event, which was attended by around 170 participants, was the official presentation of the latest recycling figures recorded by VinylPlus, the sustainability programme of the European PVC industry. According to these figures, PVC recycling achieved a new peak value in 2016, with VinylPlus registering a total of 568,696 tons of PVC recycling material last year. According to the press release, the industry has worked together to make further important progress in the field of sustainable development and by doing so, helped to ensure that PVC continues to be an extremely popular material for decision-makers in the future.

You can find more results achieved by VinylPlus in the new Progress Report 2017, which will be available to download from the VinylPlus website. The German press release as well as the translated summary “VinylPlus at a Glance” you will find on the AGPU website.