The German Federal Government Promotes a Successful Energy Transition and Features Windows in Its Advertisements

A new publication produced by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) summarises the successes achieved by the energy transition to date and provides an overview of the upcoming steps to be taken. According to the brochure, with the title „The Energy Transition: a Success Story“, the energy transition moved past its classification as a future project a long time ago and can now be viewed as a successful current development. The publication also states that major steps have resulted in great progress in recent years and that virtually all projects have now been implemented.

The German Federal Government already brought energy efficiency to the forefront back in 2014, when it launched its „National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency“. A total of over 17 billion euros has been made available for corresponding measures up until 2020. Be it installing new heating pumps, insulating building façades or replacing old windows, the state offers a wide range of different consulting services and funding programmes and also recently launched advertisements to attract more attention to these benefits.

PVC products play an essential role in the energy transition. The fact that PVC is the most important plastic martial for building applications, offering outstanding material properties makes it the preferred material for new windows, doors, cables und and cable ducts.

AGPU has also been committed to boosting the profile of PVC on a comprehensive level for a long time, from production to processing and to recycling. It regularly runs campaigns communicating this message in locations such as Berlin.