The „Best Practice for the Environment“ Initiative Is Launched

Both the energetic restoration of residential and industrial buildings and the deconstruction of properties produce a great deal of building waste. When it comes to disposing of this waste in an environmentally friendly manner, material separation and mechanical recycling are currently considered to be the best approach. The „Best Practice for the Environment“ initiative was created in light of this fact. The main aim of the initiative is to identify exemplary construction projects in the German federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia that involve the recycling and re-use of disused PVC building materials such as windows or floor coverings. The joint initiative created by Rewindo and AGPU has already successfully attracted the support of a multitude of institutions, associations and companies.

It has now been officially launched and plans are in place for it to continue until autumn 2017. At the end of the initiative, a documentation with reference projects will be produced.