VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2020 programme announced

On 15 October 2020, the VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum 2020 will take place as a web conference. Since the beginning of August, participants can register for the event via the VinylPlus website. In September the full programme was presented.

The virtual VSF will be opened by Stefan Sommer, Chairman of VinylPlus. Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine, will welcome the participants. The key topics include the European Green Deal and the associated opportunities for the PVC industry to position its sustainable products in the market, as well as the topics of Green Building with certified PVC products and the development of the new sustainability programme towards 2030.

Registration and the detailed programme of the Forum is available at

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2020 goes virtual

The VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum 2020 on 15 October 2020 will take place virtually as a web conference. „While we are saddened not to be able to meet you in person, we are excited to see you all virtually and look forward to another successful Sustainability Forum“, says VinylPlus® Managing Director Brigitte Dero. The web conference will feature quality speakers and presentations as well as interactive debates and live polling, with participants from around the world.

Topics of the VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum include the European Green Deal and the related opportunities for the PVC industry to position its sustainable products in the market, green building with certified PVC products and the development of the PVC industry until 2030.

Further details of the upcoming VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum 2020 can be found at

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2020 postponed

In mid-March, VinylPlus® Managing Director Brigitte Dero announced that the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum will be postponed to 14-15 October 2020 due to the current pandemic situation. The city and venue will remain the same. Participants who have already paid the registration fee and are unable to attend in October will receive a refund.

VSF 2020 Florenz

VinylPlus Nachhaltigkeitsforum 2020 verschoben

Aufgrund der wachsenden Besorgnis in Bezug auf das Coronavirus (COVID19) und aktueller Reisebeschränkungen nach Italien haben wir entschieden, das VSF 2020 zu verschieben. Der neue Termin wird der 14. und 15. Oktober 2020 sein. Die Stadt und der Veranstaltungsort bleiben gleich – das Hilton Florence Metropole Hotel in Florenz.

Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass Sie Verständnis haben werden und dass dies keine leichte Entscheidung war, aber aufgrund der erheblichen Verbreitung des Virus eine notwendige Entscheidung. Wir sind fest entschlossen, angemessene Vorkehrungen zu treffen, um unseren Teilnehmern eine sichere Umgebung zu bieten. Wir hoffen, dass diese Terminänderung keinen Einfluss auf Ihre Entscheidung zur Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung im Oktober haben wird, und wir stehen Ihnen für Fragen zur Verfügung.

Für diejenigen unter Ihnen, die ihre Anmeldegebühr bereits bezahlt haben und nicht teilnehmen können, wird es eine vollständige Rückerstattung geben. Die Online-Anmeldung für #VSF2020 im Oktober wird so schnell wie möglich verfügbar sein.

Wir entschuldigen uns für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten durch die Terminänderung und danken Ihnen für Ihr Verständnis. Wir freuen uns darauf, Ihnen in Florenz ein spannendes Programm zu bieten. In der Zwischenzeit bleiben Sie und Ihre Familie gesund und alles Gute.

Brigitte Dero
Geschäftsführerin von VinylPlus

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2020: #CIRCULARVINYL

The 2020 edition of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum themed #CIRCULARVINYL will focus on the key sustainability challenges and transformation for the vinyl industry in the years to come, both in the European and global contexts. The event will gather representatives from the EU institutions, the United Nations, NGOs, politicians, academia and the entire PVC industry value chain, in Florence, Italy, on May 6th and 7th 2020.

Organised by VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, the 2020 Forum will explore how to turn PVC sustainability progress into business opportunities for the entire PVC industry towards 2030 and beyond. It will also examine PVC’s role in sustainable construction for redesigning tomorrow’s urban environment with ‘green’ certified products.

Brigitte Dero, Managing Director, VinylPlus, says: “As we approach the culmination of our 10-year voluntary commitment to sustainable development, the PVC industry is on track to achieve VinylPlus’ ambitious targets by the end of this year. But the hard work continues. The dynamic European policy landscape – covering the European Green Deal, Circular Economy, sustainable development, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and much more – makes our efforts even more relevant.”

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2020: #CIRCULARVINYL

VinylPlus® hat kürzlich mit #CIRCULARVINYL das Motto für das nächste Nachhaltigkeitsforum im Mai in Florenz vorgestellt. Das hochkarätig besetzte Experten-Treffen bringt seit 2013 jedes Jahr Stakeholder innerhalb und außerhalb der PVC-Wertschöpfungskette zusammen.

Auf der Agenda stehen unter anderem diese Themen: Die Fortschritte bei der Nachhaltigkeit von PVC für das unternehmerische Handeln, der direkte Austausch mit verschiedenen Interessengruppen (auch NGOs) aus dem Umweltbereich, die Herausforderungen an die PVC-Branche bis 2030 und darüber hinaus, sowie Neuigkeiten zum VinylPlus® Product Label.

Falls Sie sich das VSF 2020 in Ihrem Kalender noch nicht vorgemerkt haben, notieren Sie sich bitte als Termin den 6. und 7. Mai 2020 in Florenz.

Weitere Informationen sowie die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung finden Sie unter:

First VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum Germany

Two weeks ago AGPU invited to its general assembly and to the first VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum Germany. At the Collegium Leoninum in Bonn, around 60 participants from the entire PVC industry gathered first-hand information on the activities and progress of the VinylPlus sustainability programme at both European and national level and then discussed how to conserve resources and further increase the acceptance of PVC recycling.

The feedback from media is also very positive. Most relevant trade and industry publications have already reported about the German sustainability forum. Further media outlets will follow soon.

An all-time high: almost 740,000 tonnes of PVC recycled in 2018 – up by 15.6% from 2017

VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, recycled 739,525 tonnes of PVC within its framework in 2018 – a 15.6% increase on the previous year. The results were presented at the 2019 edition of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum in Prague, Czech Republic, where the industry shared further progress towards increasing the sustainability performance of PVC.

Held on May 9th and 10th, this year’s theme ‘Accelerating Innovation’ examined the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies in shaping the PVC sector’s future in the context of the circular economy.

The Forum attracted more than 170 participants from 32 countries including representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, the Czech Ministry of Environment, the United Nations, NGOs, academia, specifiers, designers, recyclers and the PVC value chain. Presentations and panel discussions by top-level experts revolved around the three sustainability pillars – economic, social and environmental – and how innovation is impacting the PVC industry and its journey to sustainable development.

Despite regulatory constraints, VinylPlus General Manager Brigitte Dero announced that the PVC industry recycled an all-time high of nearly 740,000 tonnes – 92.4% of the VinylPlus’ 2020 target.  Recovinyl remains the main contributor, registering 734,568 tonnes of recycled PVC. Cumulatively, almost 5 million tonnes of PVC have been recycled since 2000.

“VinylPlus continues to be a frontrunner for the circular economy,” commented Brigitte Dero. “Through our Voluntary Commitment, we are making continuous progress towards our sustainability goals amid the development of EU policies impacting the plastics sector.”

The Forum was opened by the Czech Minister of Environment, Richard Brabec, who emphasised the need for the sustainable management of plastics in the context of the circular economy. He called for an uptake of both recycling and the demand for recycled products.

Welcoming delegates, VinylPlus Chairman Stefan Sommer said: “The reason behind VinylPlus’ success is the commitment of the entire value chain, involving the cooperation of resin manufacturers, additive producers and PVC converters. To achieve further success, we will need to intensify cooperation with our partners and may need to identify new ones.”

He emphasised that a “balanced and harmonised legislative framework for the recycling of plastics is essential to secure our contribution to the circular economy and to achieve our new recycling target of at least 900,000 tonnes by 2025.” This would be in line with the European Commission’s objective of 10 million tonnes for the plastics industry, underlining VinylPlus’ continuous engagement with regulators and institutions.

Member of European Parliament Martina Dlabajová explored the industry’s role in the evolution of society and education needs. She said: “It’s so timely to speak about accelerating innovation because we need to consider the challenges and opportunities of the future. Climate change, sustainability and the environment are important topics dominating the political agenda.”

She added “Evolution towards sustainable development requires a change of mindset. I often find myself using VinylPlus as an example of a voluntary commitment to sustainable development from industry that works. Only through cooperation with businesses and industry can politicians make informed decisions.”

Following her, Fulvia Raffaelli, Head of Unit at DG GROW, European Commission, highlighted how the construction sector is adapting to digital times. “Construction is often perceived as a conservative sector, but it’s not. It’s very innovative and digitalisation can really help to drive innovation in the direction of sustainability. That’s where we need to focus; to drive digitalisation in this sector to achieve sustainability objectives across the lifecycle approach, from the design phase to the use and recycling at the end of life.”

Outlining the Sustainable Development Impact Indicators for Social and For-Profit Business, Ilcheong Yi, Senior Research Coordinator from the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) said: “The underpinning value of the combined social, economic and environmental pillars is vital; sustainable development is about more than durability. VinylPlus is a good case of a holistic approach to these underpinning values.”

Jenny Walther-Thoss, Policy Officer of Sustainable Biomass and Sustainable Certification at World Wide Fund (WWF), delivered a presentation on Environmental Standards and Certifications through an NGO lens. She stressed that products need to fit a more holistic approach to the circular economy through more efficient production methods and a focus on the longevity of the product. When discussing certification systems, she placed the emphasis on the need to deliver impact and value, however recognised that finding that balance is a difficult issue to solve.

In an award ceremony, a further four profile manufacturers – Deceuninck, Finstral, Salamander Industrie Produkte and Internorm – were awarded the VinylPlus® Product Label. To date, eight profile manufacturers have been awarded the Product Label for 43 profile systems manufactured in 13 European sites across 11 countries. Based on sustainability criteria, including responsible sourcing and additives, the VinylPlus® Product Label is open to all PVC building and construction products.

Dr. Jo Dewulf, Professor of bioscience engineering at Ghent University (Belgium) and new Chairman of the VinylPlus Monitoring Committee, delivered a keynote on Sustainability as a Key Driver for Innovations in the Plastics Industry and reflected on the impact of innovation for the future of the PVC industry.

Closing the forum, Arab Hoballah, Team Leader at EU-SWITCH-Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production Facility (SCP) and Ex-Chief SCP for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) emphasised how ‘eco-innovation’ could help to address the sustainability challenges faced by the PVC industry. He said: “This requires mainstreaming sustainability with a lifecycle approach throughout all business operations and creating novel solutions to meet market demand. We cannot live without plastic, so let us talk about the ‘good’ ones properly.”

Reflecting on the Forum, Brigitte Dero concluded: “For almost 20 years, VinylPlus has led the way towards a circular economy by improving the sustainability performance of PVC. By forging ever-greater collaborations and partnerships in pursuit of our sustainability goals, we will take our industry voluntary commitment to ever greater heights.”

VinylPlus is the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The programme establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the PVC industry by tackling a number of critical challenges in the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland.

For more information on VinylPlus’ achievements in 2018, check our Progress Report 2019


VSF 2019 in Prag: Jetzt noch anmelden

In der kommenden Woche vom 9. bis 10. Mai findet in Prag das diesjährige VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum statt. Ein Schwerpunkt der hochkarätig besetzten Veranstaltung sind die Themen Innovationen und Digitalisierung rund um den Werkstoff PVC. Im Rahmen des Forums wird VinylPlus unter anderem die jüngsten Erfolge des europäischen Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm vorstellen, dazu zählen auch die registrierten PVC-Recyclingmengen für das vergangene Jahr 2018.

Das ausführliche Programm sowie die Möglichkeit, sich für die Veranstaltung kurzfristig noch anzumelden, finden sie unter

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2019: Accelerate Innovation

„Accelerate innovation“ is the motto of the 7th VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum on 9 and 10 May 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. The Forum will focus on the role innovation can play in the sector’s ability to deliver future economic, social and environmental sustainability. The two-day event is an opportunity for VinylPlus® partners and their stakeholders to share important insight on how technological innovations supported by digitalization are changing the PVC industry and its approach to sustainable development.

You will find more information about the VSF at Here you can register for the event as well.