Landing Pages Advertise Soft PVC Applications

As part of the current Soft PVC Communication Campaign, AGPU Media produced three so-called landing pages focusing on the topics of vinyl in architecture, vinyl in sport and leisure and vinyl and health care in the first half of the year on behalf of the steering committee. The websites contain a multitude of articles focusing on products made of soft PVC. The texts are tailored to suit each target group and shine the spotlight on the positive benefits of the applications presented.

New articles are continuously being added to all three landing pages. The websites themselves are also being advertised, for example in specific advertorials in selected print media.

If you would like to be informed about the current Soft PVC Communication Campaign or would like to participate in future projects with your company with the aim of, for example, establishing direct contact with decision-makers, please feel free to contact us. With your support, we can work together to ensure that soft PVC products continue to be the number one choice both now and in the future.