Stable growth expected for the window industry in 2018

Window sales in Germany are expected to increase again in 2018 by 2.8 percent – measured by the number of windows actually installed. This is predicted by the current study of the four leading industry associations, which was prepared in cooperation with the publisher Heinze. This means that around 14.6 million window units could have been sold by the end of this year. The recently raised overall economic forecasts and the continuing high demand for residential construction due to immigration support this development.

Stable growth is expected again in the new construction and renovation, residential and non-residential construction segments in 2018. 57.1 percent of all windows produced are expected to be used for the renovation or energetic refurbishment of existing buildings in 2018; the market volume in this area will increase by around 2.2 percent. The number of windows used in new construction will increase by 3.6 percent and thus reach a market share of 42.9 percent.

In terms of frame materials, the proportion of wooden windows is expected to remain fairly constant at 15.1 percent in 2018. PVC windows will also maintain their high market share. With growth almost identical to that of the market as a whole, their share is expected to be around 57.6 percent.