PVC recyclers meet PVC converters: Kick-off at Tarkett

At 27 June 2019, the first meeting of our successful event series „PVC recyclers meet PVC converters“ took place at Tarkett in Lentzweiler/Luxembourg. Around 25 representatives from the entire value chain have registered. The three regional events are organized by AGPU with the support of VinylPlus®, AgPR, Rewindo, IVK Europe and Roofcollect. The aim is to bring the experts together for discussion and to present the respective offers and requirements for recycling.

The event will continue on 5 September 2019 at SKZ in Würzburg and on 28 November 2019 at Hündgen Entsorgung in Swisttal. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Gogos at julia.gogos@agpu.com.