Plastics Recycling: PolyREC launched

VinylPlus®, Petcore Europe, PlasticsEurope and Plastics Recyclers Europe have mutually agreed to join forces to form the organisation PolyREC to monitor, verify, and report their plastics recycling and uptake data in Europe. This will be achieved by using a common data collection system – RecoTraceTM. PolyREC will ensure traceability, transparency, and trust in recycled materials along the entire plastics value chain.

PolyREC will use VinylPlus’ 20 years’ experience and expertise that it has in becoming the industry standard for collecting credible and reliable recycling data via Recovinyl. VinylPlus’ Managing Director Brigitte Dero says “circularity of plastics is a key opportunity to enhance plastics products sustainability. The European PVC industry, through VinylPlus, has learnt the importance of monitoring and progress reporting. We are therefore pleased to share this long-time experience and work collaboratively with all plastic industry sectors to raise traceability and transparency in recycled plastics along the entire plastics value chain.”