German government must lead the way in the EU renovation wave

A few weeks ago, 48 associations, including the AGPU, appealed in an open letter to the German government to support the implementation of the EU Commission’s Renovation Wave Strategy during the German EU Council Presidency and to make use of European investment support for energy-related building renovation in Germany.

Even though demand for energy-efficient renovation in Germany has risen noticeably thanks to improved subsidy conditions: The current level is not sufficient to achieve the energy and climate targets. „The energy-related modernisation of buildings is a triple benefit: for the climate, for the economy and for all people in Europe, who will thus be provided with future-proof and modern living and working space. Germany is in a good starting position to set a good example in Europe now and herald a real wave of renovation,“ said Christian Noll of the German Energy Efficiency Initiative (DENEFF).

The topic of the Renovation Wave Strategy will also be a focus of the upcoming PVC workshop of PlasticsEurope Deutschland and AGPU in January 2021. Modern PVC products in the construction sector are already helping to achieve these goals. Thanks to the EU action plan, these products should now be even more in the focus of construction decision-makers. The VinylPlus® Product Label for sustainable PVC building products will also contribute to this.