Starke Seiten

In its magazine STARKE SEITEN, VinylPlus Deutschland uses impressive images and texts to present extraordinary stories focusing on the wide variety of different applications for which PVC can be used. The articles in the entertaining publication not only focus on the benefits of the products discussed, but also their developers and users. The diversity and reliability of global PVC products is reflected in the wide variety of topics covered by the magazine, which range from architecture through to art and design and right through to leisure, recreation and health.

The magazine STARKE SEITEN, which is published three times a year, boasts a circulation of 26,000 copies and is aimed at a broad target audience, which is not served in this composition by any other medium. The publication appeals to decision-makers on the use of PVC, especially architects and employees at building and environmental authorities, housing and real estate companies and major German commercial enterprises, as well as members of parliament, civil servants from different ministries, representatives from the world of science, members and other companies from the PVC industry.

Media Plan 2022

The media plan contains all relevant information about the magazine STARKE SEITEN and can be downloaded as a PDF document.


Only members have access to the archive with all issues of the STARKE SEITEN as well as to the overview of topics from 1998 until today.