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PVC products provide vital help

For more than 60 years vinyl products have been successfully used in the healthcare sector and are indispensable to protect life. This is also evident in view of the current corona pandemic and is demonstrated by the wide range of medical applications, such as pharmaceutical blister trays for medicines, infusion tubes, blood bags, respiratory masks […]

VinylPlus® commits to recycle 900,000 tonnes of PVC a year by 2025

Since 2000, VinylPlus, the voluntary commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, has been a pioneer in the Circular Economy. It has backed the European Commission’s pledging call to increase recycling of plastics by committing to recycle at least 900,000 tonnes of PVC per year into new products by 2025, a significant contribution to […]

AGPU: 30 years for PVC

On the foundation of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e.V. (AGPU) 30 years ago, there was no way around it. This has not changed to this day, even if the times in which PVC materials and products were particularly criticised are a thing of the past. Thanks to the long-standing commitment of AGPU member companies […]

Polysecure Is First New AGPU Member

Just in time for the beginning of the year, AGPU welcomes a first new member, Polysecure GmbH from Freiburg. The company offers solutions for plagiarism protection, product authentication, material detection and marking. At the end of last year, Polysecure Managing Director Jochen Mößlein received the StartGreen Award 2017. Together with REHAU, his company has developed […]

PVC workshop with Record Attendance

What a promising start! On January 16, AGPU and PlasticsEurope Deutschland held a record-breaking PVC workshop in Bonn. 90 participants used the event to inform and exchange information with colleagues from the industry. There was particularly great interest in topics such as the classification of the fire behaviour of construction products, the potential classification of […]

PVC Windows: Market Share of 57.7% in Germany

According to the estimates of the four industry associations VFF, pro-K, FV S+B and BF, positive overall economic conditions and rising residential construction lead to positive impulses on the German window market. The slight upward trend that has been continuing since 2007 is thus continuing. Based on the 13.8 million window units (WU) in 2016, […]

Chlorine Production in the EU now mercury-free

The final deadline for chlorine production based on the so-called amalgam/mercury process in the EU expired on 11 December 2017. According to the companies, all plants concerned have either been converted to the membrane technology or closed. According to Eurochlor, there were still around 2.1 million mercury-based chlorine capacities per year in 2017. Productions with […]

PVC Formulation 2018: Conference Program for Download

The PVC Formulation 2018 will take place at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne from 10 to 12 April 2018. It is now the tenth conference for the PVC industry organized by AMI. Just in time for the turn of the year, the programme was fully announced. It can also be downloaded from the website as […]

Campaign “Best Practice” finishes in Spring

After about one and a half years, the “Best Practice for the Environment” campaign will be on the final straight in spring 2018. As part of the campaign, exemplary projects were identified and documented in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia in which old PVC construction products such as windows or floor coverings are recycled and reused. […]

Current Trend in Christmas Trees

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 29.5 million Christmas trees were sold in Germany in 2016. With 71 percent, the Nordmann fir is one of the most popular tree species. But artificial trees are also increasingly found in living rooms at Christmas. According to a recent Statista survey, 22 percent of around 1,100 interviewees this […]