The future needs modern Soft PVC

Extravagant designer bags, easy-to-care flooring in wood and stone finish, mirror-like stretch ceilings, as well as high-quality artificial leather for automobiles and furniture upholstery or PVC-covered fabric for futuristic-looking roof membranes: Modern products made of soft PVC combine outstanding properties with high aesthetic and tactile demands. At the same time, they are durable and economical.

Versatile Range of Products

The use of soft PVC in architecture, art, design, medical products, and automotive manufacturing is distinguished by its unique diversity. On the one hand, we owe this exceptionally wide range of applications to creative developers and workers in companies who customise products especially for the needs of our presentday society. On the other hand, the flexible material is endowed with numerous usage properties due to various formulas: e.g. high tensile strength for very thin food packaging films, the flame-retardance of cables and wires, and the sterilisation of blood bags.

Sustainable Properties

In the last ten years, soft-PVC products have changed considerably so that they now must be re-evaluated based on current standards. The reason for these changes is innovation by companies due to extensive research and decades of experience of working with their materials. The same holds true for progress in sustainable development in the PVC sector which involves the overall life cycle of these products. This has now been achieved throughout Europe by means of the sustainability programme VinylPlus. The enormous reduction in the use of energy in manufacturing and processing, the economical use of valuable resources, the application of ideal formulas with safe additives, as well as the successfully practised recycling of used products made of soft PVC are only a few examples. In the process, companies throughout the entire PVC supply chain are actively involved beyond the requirements for legal standards.

Safe Application

Flexible PVC products have been extensively tested for years in terms of their effect on humans and the environment. Information thus gained has been integrated into the development of soft PVC products with high quality and safety standards.