VinylPlus Deutschland – Networking, Knowledge, Dialogue

Continue proven measures and implement new ideas with foresight – the combination of both objectives has been shaping the successful work of VinylPlus Deutschland (former AGPU) for more than 30 years. VinylPlus Deutschland  currently links more than 50 companies along the entire PVC value chain – from salt to recycled material.

PVC material stands out thanks to its extremely wide range of applications. Most PVC products are cost-effective in terms of both procurement and maintenance. They also play an increasingly important role in supporting sustainability requirements throughout their entire life-cycle, for example due to modern manufacturing and production methods, responsible use of energy and resources and established recycling processes. These advances have led to a steady increase in demand for the plastic. Low-cost PVC products also save society money that can be spent on other sensible environmental or social investments.

  • Industry Network

    VinylPlus Deutschland connects over 50 companies along the entire value chain. We provide our members with access to an active and established industry network.

  • Vast Pool of Expertise

    VinylPlus Deutschland brings together the knowledge of a large number of experts and promotes the exchange of their expertise and experience.It keeps in step with the times by constantly collecting, processing and summarising up-to-date information. VinylPlus Deutschland also functions as a radar for the PVC industry by continuously observing both the media and legislation.

  • Open Dialogue

    VinylPlus Deutschland works as a reliable partner to conduct an open dialogue with decision-makers from the fields of business, politics and media and with NGOs. VinylPlus Deutschland uses targetgroup-oriented communication and convincing factual arguments to establish transparency and trust with its contacts.


VinylPlus Deutschland offers member companies a wide range of different benefits. Its high-quality events such as workshops and seminars and its working groups give members the opportunity to meet important partners from the entire PVC industry both in Germany and abroad. Members of VinylPlus Deutschland also have access to decision-makers from the world of politics and from authorities, German federal states, towns, cities and communities, as well as to environmental experts from the fields of trade, commerce and industry, architects, property developers, journalists and opinion leaders. Additional services are offered by AGPU Media GmbH.

Further information and details on the extensive services provided by AGPU can be found here.