BPIE paper on the Renovation Wave Strategy

In mid-October the EU Commission presented the „Renovation Wave Strategy“, a comprehensive action plan to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The aim is to double the rate of renovation by 2030 and thus achieve better energy and resource efficiency in existing buildings. In order to achieve this goal, around 35 million buildings across Europe are to be renovated for energy efficiency over the next ten years.

The building sector in its current structure contributes significantly to the generation of CO2 emissions. Buildings account for around 40 percent of energy consumption in Europe. In addition, only one percent of the building stock is currently being renovated for energy efficiency every year.

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) prepared an initial summary and analysis of the most important key points. According to the experts, it is not enough to simply double the rate of renovation. In order to achieve the Green Deal’s target of climate neutrality by 2050, the rate must be increased significantly. The BPIE paper speaks of a tenfold increase. Moreover, not only the necessary legislative procedures in the EU member states, but also the existing (if any) support programmes would have to be considerably expanded.