A comparison of the useful lives of different types of flooring

Long-lasting flooring helps to secure the value retention of real estate. In a publication supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) has compared the typical life times of different types of flooring. The three types of flooring with the longest lives were ceramic/stoneware (60 years), wood parquet (approx. 40 years) and finally PVC and plastic flooring, which, according to the specialist agency, have a service life of 20 years.

As a product that is cost-effective in terms of both procurement and maintenance, vinyl flooring is a very economical option throughout its entire life-cycle. The fact that its smooth surfaces are stain-resistant, hard-wearing and easy to clean means that the maintenance costs for vinyl flooring are up to 30 percent less than those of other materials.

The publication is in German language only and can be viewed on the FNR website.